I’ve been spamming twitter with my silly Disney/Pixar genderbending sketches so I thought I’d clean some up and put them here as well~ (I also did some Frozen genderbends) This was fun! 


You bet your sweet ass she does.



I feel like this is a line that just goes casually by but then you realize it’s actually pretty profound.

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Whatever this is" is a webseries about a group of friends living together in NYC. Ari (Dylan Marron) and Sam (Hunter Canning) are production assistants, while Lisa (Madeline Wise) is Sam’s girlfriend, a teacher who finds a new way to pay rent during the summer as a house assistant to an affluent lesbian couple. The three try to balance relationships, friendship, careers, and money as harmoniously as possible. The show is written and directed by Adam Goldman ("The Outs”).

The moment when I fell in love with this show was about halfway through the second episode, when Ari, a protagonist who is both brown-skinned and gay, expresses his displeasure with his best friend Sam about his failure to stand up for Ari. Throughout the series, Ari deals with jokes about his sexuality and race. For example, the production team’s boss tells Ari to “tell her something sassy” in order to calm down a client. Or, another time, when a client points to Ari’s drink and asking, “Agua? Si? Refresco? Siiiii,” in a bad Spanish accent (to which Ari, after incredulously staring at the guy for a moment, replies, “Si.”) These jokes, as well as Ari’s reaction to them (often a clever retort or an eye-roll to a friend) provide comic examples of the weary treatment minorities are exposed to daily. Because of his clever deflection, we never really see the emotional toll this constant treatment takes on Ari until he confronts Sam for his silence after a particularly biting racist remark. It really struck a chord to see an individual who is usually so good-natured and upbeat frustratedly trying to explain the concept of privilege to someone who is close to him. It’s just another example of “Whatever this is” bravely addressing that which other shows, indie or mainstream, dare not.

So, in conclusion: you should definitely start watching this. It’s clever, thoughtful, hilarious, and manned by a committed and talented cast and crew. And, as it’s a webseries, you can watch it all online for free. To be honest, I mostly just made this post so that people would start watching it and make gifsets I could reblog. Check it out.

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LOTR Illustrated Guitar by Vivian Xiao

Exquisitely detailed enough to be crafted in the forest realm of Lothlórien, this beauteous guitar was not forged by elf nor man, but by 16 year Vivian Xiao with sharpie markers! Depicting Nazgul, Minas Tirith, and even the all-seeing Eye of Sauron, this divinely-engraved instrument could surely inspire even more Led Zeppelin songs. Check put Vivian’s website for details on purchasing and commissions.

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since america refuses to give comprehensive sex ed, a lot of people end up learning from….porn. not the most wonderful thing when sex is represented inaccurately in all kiiiinds of ways in pornography.

-set from Porn Sex vs. Real Sex: The Differences Explained With Food (x)(x)

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